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Questions with answers we hope will help you pick a tile you will love for years.

What tile is best for kitchen backsplashes?

Their are so many types. Today, Glass is popular. As well as Ceramic and  Porcelain which can make for a beautifully backsplash. Click the gallery to see some examples. Or the picture about that was featured in Kitchens and bathroom magazines with colors that pop. The links page has manufacture with tile selection with many colors and don't forget to pick the grout color.

What tile is best for showers?

Safety first. The floor should be as non-slip as possible, we can help with that. Darker stones are in style with a lighter grout or neon or glowing.

What tile is best for out door patios?

Larger stone tiles. 18"x18" with large grout lines. Med tones to keep  it cool and clean looking year around.

What tile is best for kitchen floors?

Having a cleaner-looking floor for years we suggest Porcelain tile. It is resistant to stains and will not absorb liquids like some stone tiles. Porcelain is durable and scratch-resistant.

 More question's give us a call at  503-784-9009 or email us at  Curt@abrahamtile.com. We are here to help.

Can I have heated floors in bathroom under tile?

Yes! It is the most popular place in the house just above kitchens.

Can tile be installed over tile?

Yes with a few caveats.  For example is the existing floor flat, clean, mold free. We the new floor elevation cause a trip hazard. We can go over these and other questions call us at (503) 784-9009.

Can tile be installed over drywall?

Possible not always recommended. And not is showers or damp areas. In these areas you need a different backer. Also ask yourself is the drywall installed properly?

What type of grout to use?

Their are two main types of grout sanded and non=sanded.  Sanded grout is for 1/8 and larger grout lines. there is  other types like epoxy that is used in commercial and some residential. And there are many, many colors.

how much does tile installation cost?

It really depends on many factors. Type of tile and its price to buy and install. Some small 1"x1" tiles are expensive and time consuming to install. Other 18"x18" tiles are inexpensive and easy and fast to install. contact us today to get a free quote Telephone: 503-784-9009 or Email: curt@abrahamtile.com

Check back, more Q and A to come.